X SNOVI - povratak na početnu stranicu


X – SNOVI d.o.o. was founded in 2003. with a vision and a desire to integrate high quality of life in contemporary design of top quality building. X – SNOVI d.o.o. is a result of gathered experience of one quality team of experts that found a common goal and interest in the future.

Thanks to the adequate long-term education in the area of design and top technologies in the pool system, in many countries we became unique on the market in the region of southeast Europe, but also conceptually a unique example of merging different potentials into one-of-a-kind business philosophy.

Today, our business interest is far greater in comparison with the beginning of our development, unifying the area of wellness, spa, space architecture, art & design, exterior, interior, landscape as well as a spiritual dimension of water. With our own development of areas of interest and business experience, we acquired the experience of designing private villa´s, business areas, housing of different kinds. We do not just build pools, we build relations.

Today X – SNOVI d.o.o. collaborates with many partners around the world and officially represents a prominent Austrian company Aqua Power GmbH in the region of southeast Europe.
With this collaboration we were able to connect the knowing of contemporary medicine and traditional spiritual knowledge of human health into a whole that enables the harmony of body and mind.


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