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Man is not just a physical, but also a spiritual being, and that is also applied on to the entire plant life and wildlife. Depending on which aspect we are looking, every being is principally spiritual, and then physical. In fact, the spirit can subsist without the body but the body cannot function without the spirit. Principal elements of life are air and water. Guided by these preferences, the knowing of modern conventional medicine and the basis of all spiritual medicine, came into existence today worldly acclaimed Aqua Power company of Austria in the desire to approach a Man entirely inside the holistic approach. The knowledge and understandings of many spiritual teachers are transfused in to the material world of special products designed to strengthen the quality of life by acting to water which we are entering into our body or to air which we enjoy. Most precious understandings of our universe are imbedded into the priceless value of our products to which we give special importance and with handmade customizing we ensure top quality. When we breathe air the nature´s energy enters our cells as the primary source of life. Water is the elementary necessity of a human body and without living water there is no life. Tap water which we consume does not strengthen our bodily spirit but weakens it and inhibits the natural process of development.

With awareness and intercession of experts in Aqua Power company it was made possible that water stops being a burden and becomes a cure for the body and the mind. Mostly unconscious of her natural value, with our behavior we made water a burden for the human body and dangerous to health. Besides water, the body also needs the air. But it is not irrelevant what kind of air do we breathe and in what way.


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