X SNOVI - povratak na početnu stranicu


Unique design for a unique person. We at XS Art & Design believe that every person has special needs for a space in which he or she lives. Every one of us is unique and therefore projecting an elegant and efficient life space represents a very complex and serious process that is not to be underestimated. We are dedicated to the idea of making a unique space for unique clients, with experience and esthetic value. For every person individually, vision or a description of a modern house represents something else. We are here for those who believe that art & design is art and special value of architecture. Instead of enjoying art somewhere outside we give you the opportunity to experience art by coming home. Therefore your house stops being just an object made of walls and a roof, and your pool just a space filled with water. We search for such a client with equal intensity as such a client searches for us. In this way, walls stop being just a space on which you hang ¨art¨, but rather they themselves become a value of art. With modern architecture we design housing, business and wellness spaces and similar objects, pools and all other spaces where clients search for original ideas.

XS Art & Design is capable of presenting any kind of design in digital format. Therefore clients have a possibility of three-dimensional preview before we start realization on the field.


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