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SANUS PER AQUAM –in translation-healing by water. The word itself represents regeneration, relaxation and healing with different therapies that combine within itself, four different elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air). Water represents life and without it there is no life. In our world we give water a special relevance and she represents a cure for the body and the mind. By respecting and acknowledging its precious value we try to transfer its spiritual dimension into every our project. Because water isn’t just water, water has a soul.

Our pools have a soul, too. They are special, whether it´s a classic private, luxury residential, multi functional or large hotel pools and aqua parks for public use, and all of them according to ayurveda and feng shui principles with total energy activation of the water. It is vital to say that every one of our pools is unique and one-of-a-kind, built totally on the principle ¨one client-one project¨.

Besides from pools, in our spa program we also offer top concrete whirlpool systems which can be separate or integrated in the pool. With concrete, we also offer a wide assortment of massage bathtubs, aroma whirlpools of reputable world manufacturers (Jacuzzi, Rivierapools, Aquavia, Pichler, Masterspas, Armstark, Spaform, World of Whirlpool) in which a special place hold luxury whirlpools made of inox.

Amongst many specifications it is good to mention we also make water walls, all kind of fountains, waterfalls, cascades and attractions specially designed for kids.

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