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Professional definition of the term is a multi dimensional existence of positive health and quality living of an individual. Wellness, or in translation, ¨good health¨ is a positive approach towards life-an approach that emphasizes a person as a whole. It is an integration of body, mind and spirit including the fact that everything we think and do affects our health. Wellness- the orientation of life is an impulse of adopting behavior habits that encourage better health and quality of life.

It includes and defines all your physical, psychological and social needs and offers key elements for functioning and merging aforesaid. Wellness is not just the absence of illness. It is a proactive and preventive approach that was designed to achieve the optimal level of health, social and emotional functions. It can be defined as an active process in which you became aware and made an ascent toward the higher state of consciousness, thus so recognizing the need to change your own certain characteristics.

Traditional medicine alleviates illness, as wellness helps strengthening of the body and spirit in which illness looses all meaning.

Wellness seeks a holistic approach towards the body and defines illness as a result of energy imbalance or disharmony.


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